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Kid's Awesome Activity Wall Calendar 2022: A Year of Pure Fun, with No Batteries Included. (2022)
Mike Lowery and Workman Calendars
A year of unplugged fun (plus 300 stickers!) for kids 8 and up. The perennially bestselling calendar that keeps kids engaged, sparks their imaginations, and promotes hours of zany, unplugged fun. Each month, The Kid's Awesome Activity calendar features a colorful, hand-drawn spread with seasonally themed illustrations and creativity-inspiring prompts: "Help design some snow monsters!" "These kids found the leprechaun's treasure. Draw it!" And: "Help the pirate sail to Pirate Island by giving his boat a sail!" Plus word searches, mazes, and other lively activities and games. The calendar includes 300 stickers to place on the calendar or anywhere a kid wants. No screens, no batteries, just pure entertainment. Printed on uncoated FSC-certified paper.
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Aug 3rd 2021
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